Appsumo Coupon Code – 2 Best Ways To Get Discounts

The demand for Appsumo Coupon Code is insane as it is a SaaS-based sales platform that serves as a modern alternative to the traditional software sales model. If you’re a blogger, Marketing agency, Freelancer, Content Marketer, eCom seller or Social media influencer, you should deserve to know about the sensational Appsumo Lifetime Deals. This platform is an Amazon of software, You might already know how costly the subscriptions of business software or services are.

The awesome thing about Appsumo is that they have lifetime and yearly subscription plans that include 300+ apps for various categories. By paying some pennies you can actually grab the pro or paid version for nearly a lifetime, If compared with the regular plans that these apps offer via their official website, The appsumo pro plans are near up to 99.9% cheaper.

Appsumo Coupon code is not publicly available for anyone, It has been offered to the registered users occasionally or for the new users. Every new user gets a 10% discount for whatever tools and amount of tools they purchase. All the Appsumo Coupon codes are delivered over mail.

How To Get 10% Off Appsumo Coupon Code?

There are 2 Methods to get the Appsumo Coupon code or discount for new & existing users.

Method 1 ~ For New Users

  • Visit the “AppSumo” deal page.
  • A Popup will appear as shown in the image.
  • You will have to enter your primary email.
  • You will get a 10% Appsumo Coupon Code.
  • Get a 10% discount at the end.
  • Discount valid for new users on Appsumo only.
AppSumo Coupon Code

Method 2 ~ For existing Users

It’s a luck-based offer, You will get promotional emails from Appsumo itself on your registered email id. An Appsumo Coupon Code or promotional discount link will be shared with you which will be auto-applied at the time of checkout.

How To Redeem Appsumo Coupon Code?

  • If you’re a new user, A popup will appear then fill in your email id to receive a 10% off Appsumo Coupon code.
  • Browse through the entire catalogue or search for specific tools you wish to buy.
  • Add the software to the cart, Now you will see Appsumo Coupon auto-applied to the cart.
  • View your savings and complete the checkout process.
Appsumo plus discount code

Get a 10% Additional Discount Using Appsumo Plus

With Appsumo plus subscription, You will get an unconditional 10% off on every Appsumo Lifetime Deals or limited validity purchase. The discount will be auto-applied to the cart without any discount capping. For example, If the total cart value is $200 then a $20 discount i.e, 10% will be applied. Using Appsumo Plus discount code, Buying LTD deals on your desired software is even more affordable now. After having plus subscription you will not be requiring the Appsumo Coupon Code.

Appsumo Plus
Appsumo Plus Benefits

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Freebies Offered By Appsumo

Appsumo Freebies are exclusive stuff available for Appsumo Pro and non-pro users. Here you will get tools, study materials, Bootcamps, Add-on Kits, Tutorials, Guides and much more which usually cost 100s of Us Dollars. Anyone can redeem these freebies and get the maximum benefits out of it.

What Are Some Of The AppSumo Alternates?

NO, doubt Appsumo has the biggest collection of SaaS products but there are multiple platforms that have a great set of tools and services that too available for a lifetime.

Below mentioned are some of the best Appsumo Alternates:-

  • SaasPirate
  • Dealmirror
  • Pitchground
  • Dealify
  • Saasmantra
  • DigitalThink
  • DealFuel
  • SaaSWiz
  • Grabltd
  • Earlyshark

How Good Is Appsumo Refund Policy?

No Non-sense, The only thing that comes to mind when we talk about the Appsumo Refund policy. Why is it so? Appsumo’s Approach is very user-centric as it is way too impossible to find a worthy product in one go, Even if you purchase a product that does not guarantee the value you’re expecting.

If you’re in a dilemma as to continue further or not, Then the Appsumo Refund policy comes to the rescue, You can opt for a refund within 60 days of purchase. Generally, the refund request is no question asked or sometimes you have to mail them your concerns and your refund will be processed within some days. Immediate refunds are possible if you choose Appsumo credits over the original payment mode.

Once, your refund is processed then you will no longer be able to use the pro version of the software and the subscription will be cancelled with immediate effect. If you have used any Appsumo Coupon Code then the coupon will not be available for reuse.

How To Launch Saas Products on Appsumo?

Launching a product on Appumo is a quick and easy process but there are certain terms & conditions to be followed for smooth operations. Even if you lack somewhere then Appsumo assistants will guide you in implementing the required updates to make you eligible to sell your SaaS products on Appsumo. You can provide your own Appsumo Coupon Code via email newsletters to get sales boost.

  • First, Navigate to Appsumo | partner portal.
  • Fill in your product and company details.
  • You should have your official website.
  • A nice proposal/pitch to boost your application.
  • Have a nice cover image, Product reference image.
  • Give a detailed description abt. The services you will be offering under this purchase plan.
  • Add the pricing and multiple tiers of pricing.

Appsumo Deals For Bloggers

For bloggers, there are various categories of tools required –

  • Content
  • Social Media
  • Productivity
  • Stock Photos
  • Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Photo editing
  • Web development.
  • AI coders and copywriters
  • Appsumo Freebies

We have shortlisted some of the best deals required for every blogger.

  • Writerzen – For KW research and article optimization.
  • Nichesss, Wordhero – For AI copywriting.
  • Screpy – SEO audit
  • Flexclip – Short Video Editing
  • SendFox – Send customized emails and automate them.
  • SocialQ+ – Scheduling and posting on social media platforms in one click.
  • Heartbeat – Have your own community like a Facebook.
  • Blogely – Find the best optimization ideas for your blog
  • EWWW image optimizer – Popular image optimizer for WordPress.
  • Dukaan – launch your e-commerce site in a few clicks
  • DeepWord-  Cheapest Deep Fakes creator

AppSumo Black Friday Deals

One of the biggest events every year happens in the month of November and normally stays for 2 weeks. It is the best time to buy your desired products at massive discounts. Black Friday sales are good for buyers as well as sellers, as Appsumo have rewards for both of them. There are many Appsumo Coupon Code being provided during the sale day which normally provides an additional 10-15% discount.

Also, Appsumo Affiliate is one of the most rewarding affiliate programs which rewards the user from 5% – to 100% commission based on the status of the user. If the user is new then 100% up to $50 is given to the affiliates.

Tips & Tricks for Buying From Appsumo

AppSumo is a container of valuable deals for nearly everyone. A risk-free investment is a desire of every individual, No matter how good our business or services are going but minimizing the expenses and finding the cheaper alternates is a very tedious task. At Appsumo, you get the best possible tools for nearly every category but more importantly, they are priced very promisingly. Also, the Appsumo Refund policy is a gem and trendsetter.

If you like any of the tools, there will be a brief introduction video by the Appsumo team in most listings which will help you in making a buying decision. Also, there is a Questions tab which will help you in getting the answers to your query directly from the publisher itself. Non-biased reviews will certainly help you in understanding the cons & pros of the tool you intend to buy. Also, many deals are insanely available if you use any available Appsumo Coupon Code while purchasing.

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