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If creating a course only requires you to put together a few slides, then a conventional learning management system (LMS) is ideal. However, if you want to provide services like live coaching, skill development workshops, and exams, you will need more interactive features.

If only there existed a single, integrated training platform that made it possible to market shippable goods, courses, live classes, and more. Offer live classes, assessments, bundles, shippable products, and interactive online courses. To increase course completion rates, make use of gamification, interactive technologies, and real-time data.

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What BrainCert Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Construct online examinations with various question kinds, configure adaptive testing, and administer exams from a distance. Establish an online learning environment using interactive whiteboards, breakout spaces, and video conferencing as teaching aids.

With real-time language support and integrations with LaTeX for complex equations and Wolfram|Alpha, you can now address a wide range of educational demands.  Better yet, BrainCert makes teamwork simple with its coding editor and group screen sharing features.

Establish online classrooms equipped with breakout spaces, video conferencing, and whiteboards.
Want to hold students’ attention? Utilize gamification to boost completion rates and user engagement. To motivate staff members and students, you may design your own badges or select from a selection of prepared ones.

You can also create leaderboards using BrainCert to promote healthy competition and improve performance all around. Additionally, you will be able to award students, set challenges, and assign points to help them along the path.

How It BrainCert Lifetime Deal Can Do?

With the help of BrainCert, you may offer online courses, bundles, tests, live classes, and shippable products in addition to online courses. No coding knowledge is needed to quickly and simply create a unique course with live classrooms, exams, and gamification features with the drag-and-drop course builder.

In addition to so much more, you can add explanatory videos, define completion conditions, manage access, and create bespoke learning paths. You will be able to sell courses and other offers online since BrainCert integrates with payment systems like PayPal and Stripe.

Additionally, you may provide coupons, set up one-time or regular membership payments, and track sales performance. Offer live lessons, bundles, shippable goods, online courses, and more.
You can use cloud-based exams from BrainCert to evaluate learning for certifications in academic and professional development.

Use WebRTC technology to provide high-definition video and session recording for safe, automated, or live remote test proctoring. A variety of question formats, including multiple choice, true or false, drag and drop, fill-in-the-blank, and audio or video questions, are available for selection.

Additionally, you can use this platform to provide customized assessments that are full of learner-actionable insights and deliver adaptive examinations.


Use gamification elements like leaderboards, points, and badges to make learning enjoyable.
BrainCert includes live classrooms, evaluations, and shippable products—all you need to sell online courses.

Involve online students at all levels.

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All features above included

All features above included

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