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It is simple to forget what is really important when there’s so much going on in your email inbox. However, if you use Gmail for commercial operations, you cannot afford to miss deadlines or pass up possibilities.

I wish there was a tailored email analytics application that could track and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) so you could optimize your productivity through strategic upgrades.Without deploying a CRM or support ticketing system, obtain crucial email KPIs like response time and email volume. Examine emails to trace client interactions and keep tabs on group output.

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What is Email Meter Lifetime Deal Can Do?

To focus on certain segments for analysis, use sophisticated filters like domain, subject, and label. Better yet, Email Meter enables you to share team performance insights with Gmail or Google Workspace team members. View team members’ top email KPIs quickly, comparing productivity indicators like sent and received messages, response rate, and average response time.

It is simple to make significant adjustments, like speeding up reaction times, when you have access to so much data. Gain access to data about team performance and track the productivity of your team over time. You may export email data for any customizable report to a CSV file with only one click.

You can integrate your email data with information from other sources to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of your company, since you can import the data into other analysis tools. The best part is that Email Meter can give you a simple, feature-rich email platform in place of your cumbersome CRM and pricey support ticketing system.

How It Email Meter Lifetime Deal Work?

Email Meter generates analytics reports using measures like email volumes sent and received, most popular interactions, and peak hours by analyzing the headers and metadata in your Gmail account.

To obtain email usage statistics for the past two years, just link this tool to your Gmail account. You can immediately make strategic improvements with this information. With charts and graphs to help you comprehend your data, the dashboard provides you with an overview of the Gmail productivity measures.

Gmail users can increase their productivity by utilizing Email Meter, an email analytics application that offers essential KPIs. Monitor email sent, average response times, and other productivity data with Gmail. Having trouble using your data? Get into the specifics of your production statistics by using advanced filters.

To focus analysis, merely change the dates and apply filters based on domain, address, label, status, Gmail tab, subject, and more. Because of this extreme precision, you may establish precise KPIs and personalize your reports to find new and intriguing opportunities and trends.


For more in-depth business insights, export your report as a CSV file and share it to external platforms. Email efficiency and customer satisfaction may be increased by measuring Gmail data like average response time, email volume, and busiest hours with the aid of Email Meter, which is brimming with capabilities.

Maximize your efficiency using Gmail.

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