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($79)GoBrunch Lifetime Deal AppSumo

It can be challenging to hold your virtual audience’s interest when they are busy.

You will need more choices for interacting with your participants during online sessions if you want to prevent them from alt tabbing away. GoBrunch is a platform specially designed for webinars that made it simple to communicate with attendees, arrange breakout rooms, and enhance the user experience.

Enjoy a realistic and straightforward interface for online sessions that promotes participant participation. With extensive admin controls over cameras, microphones, and screens, you may host numerous virtual rooms and meetings.

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What GoBrunch Lifetime Deal Can Do?

You can select a seat and browse the profiles of other guests much like at real events. You never have to worry about someone unintentionally leaving their microphone on while the facilitator is giving their presentation using GoBrunch.

To make sure that the presenter is the only focus of attention, the facilitator can control every mic and camera for every participant. In order to ensure that everything goes as planned during your session, you will also be able to manage the screen and moderate the session conversation.

The moderator has access to and control over the microphones, cameras, and screen, chat, and moderation tools. GoBrunch enables the creation of both open and closed sessions for webinars, courses, meetings, and events.

You can host a number of breakout rooms and sessions simultaneously, each with a separate facilitator, much like an in-person event. Give your participants access to your personalized event link so they can browse through the sessions and attend the ones that stand out to them.

How It GoBrunch Lifetime Deal Can Do?

GoBrunch is a flexible webinar platform with a distinctive UI that offers greater engagement and value for online participants. GoBrunch changes the way you conduct virtual sessions when Zoom fatigue is at its peak.

With interactivity and a user experience that resembles real-world events, the platform’s distinctive interface enables you to make virtual events more enjoyable. You and your attendees will not need to install anything in order to host an unlimited number of webinars inside of GoBrunch. 

Setting up your virtual classroom with the option to stream presenters, enable your camera, and instantly screen share with sound takes only a few minutes.  Create your GoBrunch virtual training session or classroom in a matter of minutes!

The configuration of the room is up to you, allowing participants to select their own seats and mingle with other guests just like in person. You can play video content, show uploaded slides, record your sessions, and retrieve video files once the session has gone live.

Visitors will be able to participate by raising their hands, casting votes, and holding up signs. Additionally, GoBrunch enables you to download a thorough frequency report that shows how long each participant participated in the live session after the event has ended.

At Last

Organise concurrent sessions in a number of breakout rooms with unique organisers assigned to each. GoBrunch features that let participants connect with facilitators and other participants bring the in-person feel back to online meetings.

In the digital era, connect with GoBrunch easily.

GoBrunch Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($79)Tier 2 ($169)Tier 3 ($239)
200 participants per live webinar400 participants per live webinar
600 participants per live webinar
40 GB video storage
80 GB video storage
120 GB video storage
8 organizers per session
16 organizers per session
Unlimited organizers per session
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