Lead Generation Tools For Small Businesses

Best Online Lead Generation Tools For Small Businesses

Almost every business becoming digital so are the challenges. The tools which every marketer, agency, individual, and small business uses cost too much and they have sometimes no idea to get the possible lead generation tools for small businesses. A lead generation method is an essential tool for collecting users’ information to convert those users into loyal buyers.

Finding, Managing the leads is a tedious task as there are multiple sources or platforms to grab and generate the leads from. In this article, you will learn more about Top Lead Generation tools 2022 which are pocket friendly and comes with lifetime subscriptions.

There will be a handpicked list of various lead generation tools handpicked and useful for every small business, agency, marketer, individual and more. Additionally, these tools are available for a lifetime that too with a limited period of time. 

Why Should We Use Lead Generation Tools?

Lead generation tools are essential to everyone running an agency or business of any size. The benefits of using online lead generation tools are immense, Here’s how these tools are useful for the companies.

  1. Helps in reaching new potential customers.
  2. Improves ROI.
  3. Easy to organize the leads as per the required parameters.
  4. Precise tracking and data.
  5. Seamless integration with other tools helps in creating more organized campaigns.
  6. Inexpensive, Easy to use, Accessible, Precise Targeting, Advanced Reporting, Custom Pricing and more.

List Of Lead Generation Tools For Small Businesses

We have handpicked some best lead generation tools that are easily available at a lifetime subscription cost. We have shortlisted some of the most required tools in these categories.

  1. B2B
  2. Sales
  3. Linkedin
  4. Social Media
  5. Google maps
  6. Email

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Social Media Lead Generation Tools

Social media is presently the biggest thing in the market where you can find a suitable audience be it teens, adults, or aged person, Gender -wise, Wealth-wise and other factors. It is now an essential part of every marketer. Collecting leads on social media will help you find relevant people interested in your product/service/company or whatever you offer.

More importantly, these leads will help you retain your existing customers and make them loyalists to your brand. In fact, Leads generated through social media improve the overall lead quality as the leads are generated with user consent which assures that the user has actually shown the interest. Some of the handpicked Social Media lead Generation Tools are discussed below.

  1. Snackeet – Let you design online presentations awesome online presentations, surveys, and quizzes using the modern pre-made templates which are user-friendly, and do not require much effort to create it. You can embed it anywhere and can grab the user responses and feedback.
  1. VidPopup- Video ads have comparatively better reach and responses and it is way costly to build but with the help of tools like Vidpopup Social media lead generation has become easy. You can create high-converting video funnels for your social media platforms and websites. You can set your call to action, and supports feedback in multiple formats like text, audio, and video. One of the best ways to boost the user’s engagement, conversion and also improve branding.

Linkedin Lead Generation Tools

Linkedin is a gem for your business it allows you to build and interact with a relevant and meaningful network that can be highly useful for your brand.It helps in improving the credibility of your brand, Helps you get great employees, You can stay in touch with CEOs, Managers of your partnered brands, Rivals and potential partners. 

Have a look at some of the must-have LinkedIn Lead generation Tools.

  1. Closely – Excellent tools for automating your outreach activities with a dedicated proxy. You can send up to 9,000/Week connection requests along with customized messages as per the targeted positions. It allows you to import all the data into CSV files which can be later classified and arranged as per the need.
  1. Perfect Prospect – it is a secure way to Outreach, and Take Follow-ups in a most humanized way. It lets you create a robust sales funnel adhering to Linkedin’s guidelines and policies. You can easily create an Ad campaign and target the audience you wish to have. You can even export the data to Zapier, Extracts relevant Facebook groups, Unlimited campaigns and more.

Email Lead Generation Tools

When it comes to lead generation tools for small businesses then Email lead generation becomes way more important in outreaching and grabbing a new customer base. It is daily cheaper and easy to reach millions of inboxes with the right practices, Although, conversion rates can be an issue here.

  1. LeadRocks – It is an ocean of B2B databases with 100Million+ records of various categories like – Emails, phones, Linkedin profiles and more. All the data has been prospected as per job titles, Name of company, Location, Industry, Team size and many other filters. All the data is derived and available only from legal sources and continuously update new data on regular basis. You can easily create your email campaigns using highly reliable and active data.
  1. SpyLead – Easily find the emails from the various leads you’ve collected from Google Maps, Linkedin, Google Search and more. Spylead has a chrome extension which allows scraping the data in a single click. WIth over accuracy of 99.9% creating campaigns.
  1. Zagomail – Best tool for Small businesses, Agencies, Bloggers, and Marketers. Create responsive landing pages, Opt-in forms, Drag and drop format builder with automated workflows.

Google Maps Lead Generation Tools

Google Maps is a universal platform to find any store, place, or location be it your nearest or farthest. The evolution of google maps is a blessing for every business owner, and marketer. You can find some great leads, potential customers, and partners in just a few clicks. 

  1. Google Maps Scrapper By OutScraper – It allows you to scrap locally registered business data which includes – Name, Website, Phone, Emails, and Social profiles in a single click. It is not limited to just one location, the entire globe will be within your reach. Many advanced filters like Ratings, Pin Codes allow you to deep-dive your search. You can fetch upto 5,000 emails and social profiles per month.
Google Maps Lead Generation Tools
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