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Attempting to manage clients, projects, and bills across many platforms may be extremely taxing for a service provider. That is acceptable in the beginning, but if you want your company to continue expanding, you will need a strong system for the sales lifecycle.

If only you could keep track of everything related to your clients in one location, including project management, billing, and proposal and inquiry processing. Provide one-time and ongoing service packages that are simple to set up and that current clients may buy directly through their portal.

Utilize a single interface to handle all client-side tasks, such as leads, clients, projects, estimates, and bills.

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What Propovoice Lifetime Deal Can Do?

You can develop project estimates, submit invoices, and receive timely payment using Propovoice. You can handle all of your clients in one location with Propovoice since it provides you with access to a unique client portal.

You may provide clients with access to estimates, invoicing, chat, and project updates with only one login. They are able to purchase service bundles and make requests there. Better more, you can oversee every one of your projects, from scoping and allocating work to managing budgets, payments, and due dates for every customer.

You will not ever need to search through your email inbox again because file sharing and messaging allow you to remain in contact with stakeholders. Utilize a separate client site to manage projects and onboard clients.

Right from Propovoice, you will be able to design and market one-time and subscription service packages, and impose inclusion restrictions. In addition to allowing current clients to purchase these packages through the client portal, you can interact with potential customers by including a “Buy Now” button on your website.

Take advantage of the dashboard to manage your orders and swiftly convert them into projects that can be delegated to particular team members.

How It Propovoice Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Service providers may manage their sales lifecycle in one location with Propovoice, an all-in-one CRM WordPress plugin. Utilize Prop voice’s lead management and transaction pipeline tools to arrange and nurture your leads throughout the whole buyer’s journey.

Using contact forms on your website, you either can manually or automatically add leads. In order to fit your buyer experience, you will even be able to alter pipeline stages. Creating unique tags and levels for every lead is then simple, and all of this can be done while managing projects, activities, meetings, emails, notes, and files within the CRM.

The best part is that all it takes is one click to turn a deal from a victory or loss to a project.  Use the deal pipeline and CRM capabilities to handle project queries. You can develop unique project proposals with descriptions, costs, and terms by using the editable templates and estimates offered by Propovoice.

Once the estimate is complete, simply email it to your clients so they can download, share, and print the document for themselves. Send automated reminders to your customer to prompt them to respond, or receive notifications when they examine and approve the estimate. Additionally, you can use PayPal, Stripe, or hundreds of other payment gateways via WooCommerce checkout to automatically collect payments for one-time or recurring invoices.


Without any effort, create and market service packages to both new and current customers.

Better systems are what you need to expand your business, not more email chains and Google Docs. Fortunately, Propovoice has a wealth of tools that enable you to centrally manage all the minute elements of your sales lifecycle.

Simplify the clientele you handle.

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