Publitio Lifetime Deal AppSumo

($79)Publitio Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Publitio is a media management platform that operates on a cloud-based system, providing a convenient and accessible way to store, deliver, and safeguard your image and video files.

Publitio boasts a powerful global Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure that enables you to securely host and deliver your media files with lightning-fast speed. You can easily share your images and videos by embedding a code on your website or sending a direct link to your clients, team members, or friends.

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What Publitio Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Publitio provides comprehensive analytics for every media file, including view count, top visitor countries, frequent visitor devices, and detailed video play statistics. With these insights, you can better understand how your media files are performing and optimize your content for greater engagement and impact.

How It Publitio Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Publitio offers a comprehensive range of security features to help you protect your media files. One of its key features is HLS video encryption, which blocks all known downloading extensions to prevent unauthorized downloading of your videos.

Additionally, you can apply domain-level protection to your files, enabling you to control which websites can load your images and videos. This feature provides an added layer of protection against unauthorized access to your media content.

Furthermore, Publitio allows you to add and update dynamic watermarks to your media files in just a few clicks. This feature can help you protect your content from piracy and unauthorized use, and also helps you to establish brand identity and recognition.

Publitio offers a customizable media player that can be easily embedded on any website. With support for high-definition (1080p) video, you won’t have to compromise on video quality, and you can provide your audience with a seamless viewing experience.

Moreover, Publitio allows you to upload subtitles to your videos, which enables you to connect with audiences around the globe and cater to different language preferences.

Another significant feature of Publitio is its support for Google IMA and VAST, which allows you to run ads on your videos and monetize your content, creating an additional revenue stream for your business.

Publitio’s URL-based API provides an efficient and easy way to dynamically crop, resize, and scale your media files in real-time. You can also convert files to different formats, such as turning images into videos and vice versa.

Moreover, Publitio’s global CDN infrastructure ensures that your media files are always loaded quickly for your site visitors, regardless of their location. This can help to improve the user experience and reduce bounce rates.

Publitio’s URL-based API and global CDN infrastructure provide a fast and reliable solution for media file management, enabling you to optimize and deliver your media files efficiently to your audience.

You can also add and update dynamic watermarks to your media files and access detailed analytics to track file usage and engagement. 

Publitio is a versatile and reliable media management platform that provides everything you need to manage your media files with security, convenience, and flexibility. 


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Publitio Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($79)Tier 2 ($148)Tier 3 ($237)
100 GB storage200 GB storage300 GB storage
500 GB monthly bandwidth1 TB monthly bandwidth1.5 TB monthly bandwidth
10 players20 players30 players
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