Raklet Lifetime Deal AppSumo

($29) Raklet Lifetime Deal AppSumo

It is not always smart to create your own online community on social networking networks.  Although those platforms are excellent for growing an audience, they are not designed to support user data management or membership sales.

You therefore require a no-code platform that enables you to create your own social network with the precise features and subscription options you desire. Maintain communication with neighborhood residents through direct messages, email newsletters, and SMS texts.

Create a branded, exclusive community where you may take donations, charge for events, and hold fundraising campaigns. With Raklet, you can manage memberships, hold paid events, sell courses, and develop communities without knowing any programming.

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What is Raklet Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Utilize the built-in database to monitor user activity, archive data, and administer memberships. No other tools are needed when using the email newsletter function to easily communicate with your audience via email newsletters.

To boost your revenue from emails, you can also benefit from customized service, automations, scheduling, and payment integration. To top it off, you can send your members SMS texts to make sure they do not miss any crucial information.

Utilize the included newsletter function to inform the members of your community. With Raklet, you can make your community into an iOS or Android app so that users can access it wherever they are.

Even more apps that you already use on a regular basis can be accessed by connecting to Zapier. Moreover, greatest of all, you can use the integrated Stripe integration to collect membership fees.

How It Raklet Lifetime Deal Work?

In less than an hour, Raklet enables you to create a branded, private community with all the interesting features you need. You may set up automated renewals, reminders, and receipts, as well as provide monthly or yearly subscriptions for access.

Offer tickets for live or recorded events with the option to register attendees at the door and track attendance instantly. Additionally, the same platform provides the capabilities you need to manage fundraising campaigns and gather donations.

Create a private community with only the functions you require—neither more nor fewer. You will have the ability to access your own registration database, making it simple to run your neighbourhood and keep contacts in one location.

You can enter information that important to you, such as organization status, interests, or personal preferences, in more than 60 categories. Additionally, you may monitor member activity with Raklet’s timeline function to discover more about your power users.

At Last

You can connect your community to more than 4,000 productivity tools using Raklet. Hiring a developer is not required as the first step in creating your own community platform.

Raklet provides you with everything you need to create the richly feature-rich, code-free online community of your dreams.

Start a community of your own online.

Raklet Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($29)Tier 2 ($59)Tier 3 ($99)
Unlimited boards
Unlimited boards
Unlimited boards
250 contacts
1,000 contacts
2,000 contacts
1 GB storage
5 GB storage
10 GB storage
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