Storipress Lifetime Deal AppSumo

($49) Storipress Lifetime Deal AppSumo

With platforms that weren’t made for publishers, it’s challenging to scale operations, whether you run a Small blog or an online publication.

To control every facet of your brand’s output, from the initial draught to revenue, you need a content-focused solution. Build a monetized digital publication without writing any code by integrating with your marketing tech stack.

Easily collaborate with others and schedule material by streamlining your editorial workflow in a shared workspace. The professional media publishing solution Storipress makes it simple to grow and improve your content workflow.

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What is Storipress Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Use a text editor with SEO and styling features built in to collaborate in real time. To build a community around your products with pertinent content, Storipress enables you to build a standalone magazine or integrate with Shopify.

By tying Storipress to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you may instantly distribute content with your followers. As well, Storipress will be compatible with your Slack workspace, enabling you to alert someone anytime an article needs to be changed. Connect Storipress to services like Facebook, Shopify, and Slack.

It’s simple to brand your own website utilizing templates created for newspapers with the no-code site builder. With the help of the Karbon headless framework, the public GraphQL API, and content model builder, you can create premium content experiences.

Storipress also includes newsletters, advertisements, and no-code paywalls to help you turn your website into a successful media firm.

How It Storipress Lifetime Deal Work?

With the help of the calendar views and built-in kanban boards, you can see your whole editorial workflow. Control your editorial process’ content pipeline in a single workspace that displays the status of each item.

Also, you’ll be able to optimise the publishing schedule in your content strategy using the drag-and-drop interface of Storipress. Manage and visualise all aspects of your editorial workflow in one location.

Instead of pasting material into another CMS, use a single collaborative text editor from draught to publication. As you collaborate on articles with your entire team at once, you may leave inline comments and monitor real-time changes.

Storipress supports more than 2,000 embed sources, allowing you to add rich material including images, videos, and tweets. To make sure your material is optimised for search engines, you may even use SEO tools like live preview.

At Last

Create a high-quality online magazine and monetize it without writing any code. It’s simple to distribute and sell your work with Storipress since it enables you control every aspect of the publishing process in one location.

Start a publication of your own.

Storipress Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Tier 1 ($49)Tier 2 ($159)Tier 3 ($299)
100,000 pageviews per month450,000 pageviews per month1,500,000 pageviews per month
1 admin editor(s)3 admin editor(s)
8 admin editor(s)
1 publication(s) per account3 publication(s) per accountUnlimited publication(s) per account
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