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Although you will not have any control over anything, you could interact with clients on Facebook and Instagram. If you cannot create a social network from scratch, you are at the mercy of Big Tech in terms of user privacy, data collecting, and functionality.

Fortunately, there is a solution that enables you to create and oversee a self-sufficient online community that has all the features you require to grow your company. Create a feature-rich online social network and scale it for millions of users. Oversee hosting, maintain control over your data, and safeguard user privacy.

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What UNA CMS Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Get access to hundreds of no-code integration, language pack, and other module options.  You can create your own database structure with UNA CMS and begin using custom form fields to capture data.
Additionally, you are able to create any type of navigation you require, such as footer links, side panels, and member toolbars.

You may also separate your features into microservices or launch this platform as a single application because it expands both vertically and horizontally. You can create any form of navigation for your website with UNA CMS. 

Upon installing UNA CMS, several essential modules will be available to you. However, you can always use the marketplace to access third-party modules or install more modules. Use apps for news, profile cards, photo or video contests, quizzes, and other interactive features to make your social network completely interactive. Additionally, members can publish albums, movies, and images to interact with other users, just as they can on Facebook and Instagram.

How It UNA CMS Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Customizing self-hosted, independent social networks is made easier with UNA CMS, an all-in-one community management system. Completely equipped to develop a social web application and an API capable of generating native apps, UNA CMS is an open-source platform.

Your initial experience will begin with a pre-set social network complete with feeds, profiles, groups, and messenger, among other bells and whistles. You can develop anything you need by combining the capabilities of over 100 no-code modules at your disposal.

This web application and application server with full stack functionality can even function as a headless content management system. Commence with a pre-made social network that has profiles, social feeds, and other features.  You may easily adjust the appearance and feel of your website with the no-code approach included in the Studio.

In other words, you may make pages, change layouts, join various blocks, and adjust visibility for various device types. To build the ideal network for your company, select from hundreds of modules, including language packs, connectors, and themes. You will also have control over what is accessible (and hidden) to the community as a whole because you may define permissions for various member positions.


Permit your members to share media, take quizzes, and build their own accounts.
You will be able to build an autonomous social media network that is safe, engaging, and incredibly scalable with the help of UNA CMS.

Establish a connection with your clients.

UNA CMS Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2($199) Tier 3 ($399)
All features above included
All features above includedAll features above included
Unlimited use on 1 domainUnlimited use on 3 domains

Unlimited use on 10 domains

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