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Instead of making your debut to a packed house, unveiling your new items and content postings should make you feel like you are walking the red carpet. Although you are aware that creating landing pages and connecting them to all of your offers will increase conversions, you lack the time to construct each page from the ground up.

Fortunately, there is a strong tool available that enables you to quickly create microsites with reusable blocks to connect in your social media biographies and increase traffic on many networks.

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What Urals Lifetime Deal Can Do?

To use reusable elements across multiple pages, collections can be created. Be at ease that people will not click on your links! With Urals, you can use the color picker to personalize link blocks.

Even better, it will automatically extract information from your links to create a cover image, thumbnail, title, and description. You will be able to create very profitable product pages with visually appealing links, which will increase clickthrough rates and revenue.

For each link, Urals automatically creates a cover image, thumbnail, title, and description. With the sidebar, users can access even more links. You may increase cross-platform traffic by showcasing numerous products and offers with this functionality.

The sidebar not only improves SEO but also keeps people on your page longer, increasing the likelihood that they will become a follower or buyer. You can contact people from any device because this platform is optimized for all screen sizes, which is the best part.

How It Urals Lifetime Deal Works?

To cross-promote your content or offers on social media, create collections with several microsites. Create thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and cover photos automatically based on information from your links.Drive cross-platform traffic with Urals, a microsite builder that offers a plethora of reusable components and customized themes.

With Urals, you can create collections of microsites to increase traffic from Instagram stories, YouTube videos, and even attract clients on WhatsApp. You can include blocks for text, images, links, and collections using this easy-to-use block-based builder.

In order to swiftly replicate layouts and designs across several profiles or sites, you can also develop landing page templates. This eliminates the need for further effort when creating features like a “About” section, social media links, and buttons for ongoing promotions. To increase traffic across platforms, create microsites for your social media biographies. 

To group together various resources that are prepared for usage across numerous pages, create “collections” of reusable blocks. You can add any kind of block, such as galleries, buttons, icons, and photos, to these collections. Additionally, you may easily update expired affiliate links and replace photographs by syncing changes across all collections.

At Last

Feature a sidebar that highlights several deals and products to keep customers interested.
You may use Urals to build and package microsites that aid in cross-platform promotion of your services or content.

Make your viewers click on links.

Urals Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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1 space/site

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20 spaces/sites

30 smart pages per space70 smart pages per space70 smart pages per space
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