UUKI Lifetime Deal AppSumo

($99) UUKI Lifetime Deal AppSumo

You want to create a community online where people are inspired to communicate and share, but all you get is quiet and random bots. Even once your group has a respectable size, you still need to exchange material and host events to get things started.

You are looking for a cutting-edge community platform where you may grow your customer base and expand your company. Make a white-label Web3 community where users can discuss topics like NFTs and cryptocurrency. By charging one-time or recurring fees for content, you can earn money for your community.

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  • Wait for some seconds, An Discount popup will appear.
  • Enter your Email to receive the exclusive benefits.
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What is UUKI Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Members have three options: showcase NFTs, use crypto wallets, or choose membership based on NFTs. By including corporate colours, using a custom domain, or directly integrating with your website or product, you may white-label community pages.

In addition, you can make discussions public or private to keep conversations on topic because not all members will share the same interests. For safe communities, UUKI also offers strong administration and moderating capabilities that guard against spam, abuse, and detrimental posting.

Change the name, subdomain, font style, or community color to personalize community sites. Even gamified features like karma, ranks, and leaderboards can be used to recognize outstanding contributors and express gratitude.

You can access your community whether you are using a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or smart TV, even though UUKI created with mobility in mind. UUKI makes sure that you may connect with your neighborhood and carry on the conversation regardless of where you are.

How It UUKI Lifetime Deal Work?

UUKI is a cutting-edge community platform where members with similar interests may interact and share content. For Web3 fans interested in NFTs, cryptocurrencies, educational programmes, and products, producers can create communities using UUKI.

Create community pages where you can upload content and start conversations to keep your community organized. Additionally, you can earn money by charging one-time fees for premium content or taking subscription fees from paying customers.

Create a brand-new community platform where you may start discussions by posting. Due to its Web3 architecture, UUKI may interface with cryptocurrency wallets such as Metamask, which is advantageous for bitcoin owners.

The platform enables authors to display NFTs created on blockchains like Polygon and Ethereum. Even a community with NFT-based membership is possible. Additionally, you can create an online community for devoted audiences and promote your art collection created as NFTs.

At Last

Adding gamified components like leaderboards and ranks to reward top contributors. It is difficult to build an online community when discussions are hijacked by bots or disrupted by cranks.  With just one platform, UUKI gives you all the resources you require to create a Web3 community, display your content, interact with members, and take money.

Create a group and discuss your interests there.

UUKI Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($99)Tier 2 ($198)Tier 3 ($297)
1 community
2 community
3 community
3 private spaces
5 private spaces
7 private spaces
3 total moderators and/or admins
3 total moderators and/or admins
5 total moderators and/or admins
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