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It turns out that creating a video and promoting it are two very different things. To get more views, you now need to create a ton of social media posts, update your blog, and edit catchy Reels on top of everything else.

If only an AI technology could take your YouTube videos and produce a ton of SEO-optimized content to promote them right now. Transform your lengthy movies into social media-shareable segments that come with information, captions, and more. To improve your marketing, automatically turn videos into social media posts, SEO blogs, and other written content.

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What is Video Tap Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Make blog entries of the highest caliber that complement the mood and aesthetic of your films.
This program assists you in organizing longer movies in addition to producing social media clips automatically.

Full-length videos may be optimized for SEO using Video Tap, allowing you to consistently draw in new viewers. In a matter of minutes, this AI helper will even produce chapters, tags, and an engaging description.

Utilize AI-generated chapters, tags, and descriptions to elevate your YouTube videos. Video Tap can provide summaries, transcripts, and subtitles for your videos in addition to brief excerpts and metadata that is optimized for search engines.

Accessible solutions like a transcript of the entire video or even posts that automatically translate for a worldwide audience can help you reach a larger audience. You may also turn your video material into a series of tweets, LinkedIn postings, email blurbs, and more if longer blog entries are not your thing.

How It Video Tap Lifetime Deal Work?

Using Video Tap, an AI tool, you can transform your long-form films into text posts, shareable clips, and more for social media. To increase your following, break up your long-form videos into bite-sized segments and post them on social media.

The greatest parts of your videos are extracted by Video Tap’s AI to produce visually appealing short-form content. Once you have found the ideal clip, it is simple to enhance your digital marketing campaign by adding your branding and exporting it.

Make your long video into shareable segments automatically. Nor does it end with clips! You can also turn your video into a text post or blog post of any length using Video Tap. By creating posts in line with the original video’s tone and aesthetic, the AI can provide your audience a fresh opportunity for interaction.

You will have the ability to direct more traffic to your website because all of this information is automatically optimized for search engines.


Convert the content of your videos into tweets and other social media messages. With Video Tap, you can easily increase your digital audience by handling anything from text postings and SEO metadata to AI-generated video segments.

Boost the effectiveness of your content marketing.

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