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You do not want to be surprised when it comes to confidential company information. One coding error or one piece of unencrypted personal data is all it takes to put you at risk for security breaches, and managing such risks manually is tedious.

Zendata is an existed an AI tool that could safeguard your security, maintain the legality of your data, and stop any leaks in real time. Control the data flow of your website or app to identify risks and maintain compliance.

Up to your source code, protect personal information and avert security problems across the complete stack. Zendata is a robotic solution for data privacy that assists you in keeping track of your data flow and securing it throughout your whole stack.

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What Zendata Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Identify and handle source code-level data security issues. Zendata makes it simple to maintain compliance with privacy laws for all of your cookies and trackers, from creating cookie policies to updating consent modules.

With machine learning and real-time issue remediation capabilities, you can control cookie consent across all of your online apps. Additionally, this tool will automatically group cookies into buckets to prevent mistakes that may arise when manually grouping cookies.

Your cookies will be managed and optimised automatically. One of the major dangers for data breaches is improper storage of personally identifiable information (PII).

Zendata enables you to scan, detect, and safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) from data leaks wherever they are present, including local storage and staff devices. To create a data map of personal data spread across your entire tech stack, just utilise the PII scanner.

How It Zendata Lifetime Deal Works?

You may check websites and applications for vulnerabilities using Zendata to identify potential privacy and security risks in every country where you do business. You will be able to comprehend your data flow, including what you are gathering and what you are sharing with third parties, with real-time data visualization.

This will enable you to regularly check for potential sources of data risk and ensure that you are GDPR and CCPA compliant. Determine which integrations with other parties may be endangering the security of your data. You may get a thorough website vulnerability assessment that breaks down dangers and offers solutions by entering a URL and choosing a country. 

Using a straightforward code scanner, Zendata enables you to control data risks all the way down to your source code and maintain compliant development workflows. The solution can be tailored to your company’s requirements and integrated into your test pipelines to guard against any data breaches.

At Last

You have access to everything you require with Zendata to manage data security and reduce risk throughout your whole stack, from web applications to codebases.

Safeguard the information you provide.

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All features above included
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